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Whole House Reverse Osmosis

There are many ways products can be marketed using catchy phrases.  In the water treatment industry, we often are asked whole house reverse osmosis filtration systems.  It’s a valid topic especially if you like the water that your reverse osmosis drinking water system produces.  Is it economical and feasible?  A whole house reverse osmosis system […]

Renting vs. Purchasing Equipment

Hard water is the pits.  The time will come when a homeowner will need to replace water treatment equipment or purchase new.  The tough decision is to rent or buy and the decision depends on each homeowner’s situation.  Purchasing is not the only option.  Companies do rent water softeners for a short term lease, which […]

Water Softener Myths

MYTH: A WATER SOFTENER IS A WASTE OF MONEY There can be sticker shock for some consumers at the cost of a water softener.  They then don’t think they need soft water, not for that price.  It’s like any other appliance in your home … useful.  The fact is a water softener is one of […]

Black Specks in Water

When you turn on the faucet and notice there are black specks floating in the water, what do you do?  First, don’t panic and don’t drink the water from that particular faucet. Please know,it’s not uncommon to find black specs in your water on occasion. Let us explain black specks in  water to help alleviate […]

Chlorine in Water

How many times have you been to a restaurant, grabbed for a glass of water, and the water smells like a swimming pool?  Probably too often. You can also experience this obnoxious smell at your home when filling a glass of water. Homes on city water will experience a chlorine odor.  It is mandatory for […]

Drinking Water at School

August spells school is back in session.  We all have memories of getting on the bus or sending our little ones on their first day.  Parents concern themselves with school supplies, clothes, and packing lunches.  What is oftentimes not considered is the quality and amount of water their child drinks during the school year. Recently […]

Water Usage in Summer

When the temperature rises, so does water use outside for watering lawns and gardens.  A lush lawn, landscape, or garden looks great when it’s green and growing.  It’s great for the kids to run through a sprinkler to cool off. It’s estimated the average home will use two to four times as much water during […]

Boil Orders

An alert goes out to residents in which a boil order is in effect for their area.  Many residents scramble to understand what a boil order means.   A boil order takes effect when a water supplier has tested the water and testing has shown any presence of organisms that can result in an illness.  It […]