A well chlorination is an inexpensive procedure as a way to disinfect a home’s well system.  This preventative maintenance procedure should be done annually.  A well chlorination uses chlorine to shock your home’s well system as well as the copper piping inside the house.  This procedure helps to eliminate harmless bacteria causing a sulfur-like smell, alleviate iron buildup in the plumbing system, and keep iron bacteria under control.  It is important to have your well water tested for bacteria yearly by the local Health Department or an independent lab.

When to Chlorinate a Well?

• When the water in your home has a sulfur-like smell in the cold water only, caused by harmless bacteria in the water.
• As part of an annual regular maintenance in the spring, summer, or fall
• The well is producing iron bacteria found as a slime in the toilet tank
• When well work has been done on your existing well system.
• After flooding near the well cap and casing.
• Annual water test results indicate any presence of bacteria in the water

How Do I Chlorinate my Well?

Chlorinating your well as an annual maintenance procedure can be done by the homeowner.  If there is any part of this procedure you are not comfortable performing, contact us to perform this procedure.

Information About Well Chlorinations

• Your home will be without water for a minimum of 12-18 hours, but ideally 24 hours.  Toilets can be flushed, when needed.
• Bypass any water treatment equipment (water softener, drinking water system, etc.).
• Before removing the well cap and cover, turn off the circuit breaker to the well system.  The circuit breaker will need to be turned back on before running any water to continue the procedure.
• Use protective eye wear when handling any chemical.
• After the chlorination procedure, check the faucets aerators for sediment buildup.
• If the home has a sediment pre-filter, remove the filter cartridge before well chlorination and after chlorination replace with a new filter cartridge.

** Note: This information is provided to promote safe and clean private well water.   Huemann Water Conditioning is not responsible for damage caused by this procedure.  This procedure may be required again depending on the amount of foreign material in the water.