Renting vs. Purchasing Equipment

Hard water is the pits.  The time will come when a homeowner will need to replace water treatment equipment or purchase new.  The tough decision is to rent or buy and the decision depends on each homeowner’s situation.  Purchasing is not the only option.  Companies do rent water softeners for a short term lease, which can be cost effective for a homeowner.  We’ll dive into the pros and cons of each option to help make a decision, which is best for each family.

Renting Water Treatment Equipment

Rental water equipment is a great option especially if you’re short on cash or just moved into a home and have other expenses.  Renting water equipment is best for home owners who want to try before they purchase.  Typically, water equipment is rented for a short term (12-24 months), depending on the specific company you’re working with.  After the initial term, the customer is free to continue to rent, purchase, or remove the existing equipment.

One of the benefits of renting water equipment is, typically, any service performed on the rented equipment is free of charge, parts and labor.  The rental agreement terms vary with general maintenance costs such as regular salt fill-ups.  A homeowner would have to discuss other charges with the company they are working with.

There are some questions to consider when looking to rent water equipment:

  1. Does the rental agreement cover the installation cost or is there a one-time charge?
  2. Is the rental equipment unit new or used?
  3. How does the buyout of the equipment work?
  4. What if I move? Are there any fees for ending the rental agreement early? Can the new owners take over the rental agreement?

Purchasing Water Treatment Equipment

Water treatment equipment is not an inexpensive item or solution.   Equipment can cost a lot of money.  Purchasing equipment is the best long term option for your home and will pay for itself.  With purchasing equipment, a warranty is given to the homeowner.  Keep in mind, warranties differ from company to company, but quality manufacturers, like Kinetico, offer excellent warranties because they know their equipment is reliable.  Water equipment is like any other appliance in your home.  It will need service at some point.

After the initial warranty expires and if a service call is needed, there is a fee to diagnose and fix the issue.  Keep in mind, the cost to fix equipment and the knowledge of a company’s service department varies.  It’s best to purchase equipment from a company with a reputable service department. To many times, homeowners purchase equipment from a big box store or online vendors and are not able to get service from the company they purchased the equipment from.

Having water treatment equipment in your home is a great decision and will enhance your home’s value due to the sight of no scale build up on fixtures, iron staining in toilets and showers, and overall appliance efficiency.  Whether a home owner decides to rent or purchase, is up to each person.  The best decision is the decision that makes most sense for your family.