Longevity of Water Softeners

For many homes, using a water softener and having soft water throughout the home is necessary.  A water softener is considered an appliance of the home.  Much like any appliance, a water softener will tire out, parts wear out or, stops working.  There becomes a point in time when how much money needs to be put into the appliance versus reconditioning or replacing.

A properly maintained water softener can last for several years and the typical lifespan of a water softener is 10-15 years.  Our company has found with the area we service, Northeastern Illinois, and the water we work with, our water softeners, Kinetico, will last roughly 20 years.  The type of water supplied to the home or the amount of water used on a daily basis are factors in how long a water softener will last.  When a water softener ages near 20 years, the media (resin) inside the softening tanks becomes worn and loses capacity through attrition.  This is the case with any water softener.  A nice feature of a Kinetico water softener is they can be reconditioned and work like new for another 20 years.

Our company’s service philosophy is to fix equipment first before replacing with something new.  When a water softener is reconditioned, our technicians will remove and replace the existing media with new media, clean the unit, and update any parts that look worn or malfunctions.  This is the economical alternative to replacing with brand new.  There are benefits to a new water softener such as a 10 year Kinetico warranty or the plain fact it’s brand new.

Although signs of needing to replace your water softener and signs your water softener isn’t working are similar, it is best to have a Huemann Water service technician check your unit for operation.  If they deem it necessary to recondition or replace your Kinetico water softener, they will discuss options with you at that time.  Don’t hesitate to contact our company at (815) 385-3093 or contact us with any questions.