Iron in water will create staining in your toilets, sinks, and bathtubs, and showers. It is difficult to remove, but using a water softener will remove the iron.


What is Iron in Water?

Known as the universal solvent, water dissolves a little bit of everything as it enters the ground and seeps into the earth.  As it does this, water dissolves minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.  Iron is the mineral which stains our clothes, toilet, shower, and bathtub.  High amounts of iron will turn our hair an orange color.  It’s not pleasant and does not clean up well.  It can be one of the most troubling and unstable contaminants we as water professionals deal with.  Read more

Iron Bacteria in Water

Not all iron is the same. Many homes on well water in Northeastern Illinois are subjected to different types of iron such as ferrous iron, ferric iron, and iron bacteria. Many people are familiar with ferrous and/or ferric iron because it will stain clothes and water fixtures. Both ferric and ferrous iron in your water are easily removed using Read more

Sediment Water Filters

The first question asked of us is, why do I need a sediment pre-filter?In order to get water into the home, a well and pump must be dug into the ground to varying depths.  Once a clean water pocket in the ground is found, then water is brought to the home.  In those water pockets, sediment does exist.   The sediment will travel through your home’s water softener or the home faucets creating unnecessary service calls or a nuisance.  A sediment pre-filter acts like a furnace filter for your furnace or a fuel filter for your car.  

To ensure that your water softener and home are protected Read more