Black Specks in Water

When you turn on the faucet and notice there are black specks floating in the water, what do you do?  First, don’t panic and don’t drink the water from that particular faucet. Please know,it’s not uncommon to find black specs in your water on occasion. Let us explain black specks in  water to help alleviate your concerns, identify the causes, and offer solutions to improve your home’s water..

Water Heaters
If you’re experiencing black specks in the hot water and occasional specks in the cold water, the specks are coming from your water heater.  Over time, your water heater will wear down and corrode. The small black specks are pieces of the water heater. Don’t rush out and replace your water heater.  The best solution is to flush the bottom of your water heater and run any faucet lines to and from the water heater. Flushing a water heater is also a good practice because, over time, mineral will settle on the bottom of the heater causing iron staining on your fixtures.   Read more

Chlorine in Water

How many times have you been to a restaurant, grabbed for a glass of water, and the water smells like a swimming pool?  Probably too often. You can also experience this obnoxious smell at your home when filling a glass of water. Homes on city water will experience a chlorine odor.  It is mandatory for municipalities to add certain levels of chlorine to keep the water safe from bacteria and contaminants as it travels from the water plant to homes.  The closer a home is to the local water plant, the stronger the smell. The reason the smell is higher in certain homes then others is they have to add certain amounts of chlorine so it is able to treat water as it reaches its farthest point within the piping system.  Read more

Softening City Water

My home is on city water so my water is just fine to use, right?  I don’t need a water softener in my home, right?  I won’t get any buildup on my water fixtures because I’m no city water, right?  The answer is no to these three questions.  Please don’t be alarmed, city supplied water is safe to use and drink.  We are discussing the effects of hard water within your home.  City water does have hardness, even when the supplier softens the water.  There is a misconception of being on city water, your water is good to use.  Read more