Salt Sale Saturday

The 1st Saturday of the month we're loading cars with bags of water softener salt.

April 11, 2020 - 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

40 lb. Pellet Salt

$5.12 per bag plus tax

$5.50 per bag with tax

40 lb. Solar Salt

$5.12 per bag plus tax

$5.50 per bag with tax

40 lb. Rust Bust Salt

$6.05 per bag plus tax

$6.50 per bag with tax

PLEASE NOTE: the date change for Salt Sale Saturday.  We moved our monthly sale due to the shelter-in-place in Illinois.  On April 11th, we are asking customers to have their money ready so we limit our interactions with customers for the health and safety of all parties involved.  Below is a price list of the salt we sell and the corresponding pricing.  We thank you in advance.

For those looking to save money and don’t mind a little hard work, our Salt Sale Saturday is perfect for you.  We are loading cars with 40 lb. bags of water softener salt.  Stop by and purchase pellet, solar, and/or rust bust salt at discounted prices.  Our drive-thru service is open from 7:00am – 2:00pm.  We accept cash or check for payment.  We’ve also got drinking water filters, sediment filters, hydrogen peroxide, and iron out for sale.

Money Saving Coupon

A good deal got better w/ our Money Saving Coupon.  Buy 10 Bags, Get 1 Free.  We do limit 1 coupon per customer per visit.

Salt Sale Price List

Find your exact cost for salt.  We appreciate customer’s who have their money ready.  We accept cash/check for payment.

Salt Sale Email Reminder

Let us send you a reminder email about Salt Sale Saturday.  Each month, we give away free salt monthly to a random subscriber.

Directions to Salt Sale

We’re located in downtown Johnsburg near Chapel Hill Road and Johnsburg Road.  Follow the signs once you pull in.