Water Softeners ‘Very Best’ Energy Savers

Homeowners do not need to live with hard water and the effects listed above.  A Kinetico water softener will eliminate the hard water in a home and let the homeowner live a clean, soft water life.  Kinetico water softeners use a demand initiated regeneration allowing the homeowner to save on money and water.  The twin tanks allow the home to have soft water 24 hours per day.  There is no need to adjust for either more or less water usage at a specific time the Kinetico adjusts to your water use.

The Water Quality Research Foundation commissioned The Battelle Institute group to research the effects of soft water versus hard water on major home appliances.  The findings found that a water softener can save the home significant amounts of money and energy.  A water softener will help keep the home’s appliances working properly, especially the water heater,  The report also found that soft water keeps faucets and showers from clogging with hard water.  The independent research and testing found key findings:

Gas & Electric Water Heaters
1. Gas water heaters using softened water maintain the original factory efficiency rating over a 15 year lifetime.  A water heater used with hard water can decrease the efficiency of a water heater by 48%.

2. For every five grains per gallon of hard water entering a water heater, a water heater will lose 4% of its efficiency with a 4% operating cost increase for gas water heaters using 50 gallons of hot water per day.  For homeowners using 100 gallons of hot water per day the efficiency and operating costs double.

3. Homeowners with a electric water heater will have as much as 30 pounds of calcium (a rock-like substance) accumulate in the water heater using hard water.

Shower Heads & Faucets
1. Within 18 months, shower Heads on hard water lost 75% of the regular flow rate.  This being siad, the faucet heads could not maintain 1.25 gallons per minute flow.

2. The strainers on faucets were plugged using hard water after nineteen days of equivalent testing.

1. Having completed 240 washes on soft and hard water, the soft water dishwasher looked like new after a quick wipe down.  Dishwashers using hard water showed signs of scale buildup and needed de-liming treatment.