Testing Private Well Water

When you turn on the faucet for a glass of water and it looks clear and doesn’t have an odor, is it still safe to drink?  The only way to know is to have your water tested regularly.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends a home using a private well have their water tested once per year.  When a home sale occurs, it is mandatory the private well pass a well inspection.  After this inspection, most homeowners never test their water again unless there is an issue.  Testing your home’s water once per year offers peace of mind knowing your water is safe and the water treatment equipment in the home is operating properly.

According to the EPA, more than 13 million Americans rely on a private well for drinking water.  A homeowner is responsible for the safety of their home’s water since the EPA does not regulate private well water.  By testing regularly, it allows a homeowner to properly address a specific problem and use the appropriate treatment application for clean, safe water.

Reasons a homeowner should test their water once per year:
1. An annual test will ensure your water treatment equipment is working properly
2. Regular testing determines a record of your water quality over time and makes it easier to identify potential problems or elevated levels of contaminants.
3. At any point, ground water can change and you want to ensure your home’s water is safe from any bacteria or other contaminants.

It is important to test your home’s water at the source, private well, and at the tap.  This way, a benchmark occurs with the water entering your home versus after water traveling through water treatment equipment.  What can a homeowner test for once per year:
1. Coliform Bacteria
2. Nitrates
3. Arsenic
4. Lead
5. Other Contaminants

Where can I get my well water tested:
It is recommended to have your home’s water tested at a state certified laboratory.  In the McHenry and Lake Counties in Illinois, we recommend PDC Laboratories in McHenry.  In some communities, they offer free test screenings so check with your local government agencies.

With all the news reports over the past few years of water contamination, it is very important to provide your home with clean, safe water and the only way to provide this is to regularly test the water.  Once your private well has been tested and you have results, our company has certified water specialist on staff through the Water Quality Association who can help you with any questions or provide solutions to your situation.