Soft Water Without Salt?

There are many benefits to owning a water softener.  We won’t list them here, but one of the chores to having clean, soft water is to fill your salt tank from time to time.  We’re all busy and tend to forget to fill your salt tank on a regular basis.  When you do run out of salt, what happens?  Does it ruin your water softener?  What will my water be like?

When there is no salt in your salt tank and your water softener goes through regeneration, you’ll get hard water throughout the house.  Your water softener won’t know if there is salt in your salt tank or not and go through its normal process.  If a water softener goes through repeated regeneration’s without salt in the salt tank, there could be hardness and/or iron buildup inside your water softener depending on how much hardness and iron is in your water.  When you do refill your salt tank with salt, you’ll want to manually regenerate your Kinetico water softener.