Signs a Water Softener Needs Service

Life is great when your water softener is working and you’re enjoying clean, soft water throughout your home.  Considering a water softener is an appliance, there is always a chance it can go awry.  It may be difficult to sometimes know when your water softener is not working properly.  Understand signs you may need to have service on your equipment.

  1. Salt Not Going Down – it seems the salt in your salt tank has gone down in a while. A way to distinguish is to use a pencil and mark a line at the current salt level and check back in a week.  If the salt has gone further down then, you’re water softener is working properly.  If the salt has not gone down, a service call is necessary.
  2. Iron Stains Re-Appear – this is more for homes with iron in the water. An iron stain could mean your water softener is not working properly.  If your toilet has a stain, is the stain in the bowl where the water sits or a streak running down the side?  Depending on where the stain is, it could be a sign your water softener is not working properly.
  3. Signs of Hard Water – your glasses and dishes are starting to spot, a white chalky substance, hardness, is building around your fixtures, or it seems you’re spending more time cleaning.
  4. Water Softener Continually Running – if you hear water constantly running there is usually an issue. If the running water comes from the water softener, the water softener is stuck in a cycle.  The unit needs to be bypassed and service is needed.
  5. Bath Time Is Not The Same – when your skin is itchy, your hair is straw-like, or you don’t get the slick feeling while bathing chances are your unit needs a service call.

If you’re ever unsure if your water softener is working properly, don’t hesitate to contact our company. We will gladly test your water, at our office, to make sure your water softener is working properly so drop off a sample hot and cold water from a bathroom. If you have further questions, we can be reached at (815) 385-3093 or contact us.