Safe to Drink Smelly Water

Have you ever turned on your faucet to grab a glass of water and the water smells like rotten eggs?  I’m sure it’s happened to many people on private well water.  It is likely hydrogen sulfide in the water.  Even a few tenths of sulfur in the water can cause your water to smell.  We’re often asked if it is safe to drink water with the odor.  While the EPA does not regulate hydrogen sulfide, it is important to test levels of sulfur within the water and treat it properly.  Small amounts of sulfur in your water won’t have an effect on the human body, but larger levels can cause dehydration and diarrhea as well as other effects to your home.  If you do smell any type of rotten egg odor in your water, it’s best to contact your local water professional to have your water tested.  There are systems that can be installed to treat your entire home like the Kinetico Sulfur Guard.