Hard Water in Your Home

Hard water in the home is hard on you and your appliances.  Not only does hard water leave your skin dry and your hair brittle, it will also leave a film on the shower door, rings in the toilet and bathtub.  Hard water creates more work for you as a homeowner and costs you more money in the long run.

In 2009, the Water Quality Association (WQA) commissioned a study to examine the life of an appliance using hard water in the home.  The results show using hard water will decrease the life expectancy of any home appliance.

Appliance Expected Life Using Hard Water
Washing Machine 11 years 7.7 years
Dishwasher 10 years 7 years
Toilet 6.5 years 2 years
Faucet 9 years 5.4 years

The research study also found when water heaters are exposed to hard water they failed as early as 1.6 years old and their efficiency rating was reduced by as much as 48%. Also, hard water scale will buildup inside the water heater shortening the lifespan of the heating element inside an electric water heater.  Based on the 2009 WQA study, the life expectancy of a water heater is below using hard water:

Appliance Expected Using Hard Water
Electric water heater 13 years 6.5 years
Gas water heater 11 years 5.5 years

Based on this data, former technical director of the WQA, Joe Harrison, P.E., CWS-VI, said of the study “Water softeners can rightfully be positioned as one of the very highest energy-saving and best ‘green’ technology appliances that a homeowner can own”.

Using soft water in the home significantly improves your home’s appliances longevity, cleaning power, and energy usage.  Soft water will make your life much easier and save you money.  The investment in a water softener and soft water will make life much easier in terms of cleaning, save you money in terms of detergent and energy usage.

The Battelle study also found homes, which used soft water were able to cut down on detergent/soap use and appliances can run at lower temperatures.  Also a washing machine will use as much as 50% less detergent and a dishwasher will use 70% less dishwasher detergent while using soft water.

If you are ready to stop hardness from entering your home, it’s time to contact a local water professional to have your water tested and get the proper recommendation to improve your home’s water.

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