Calculating Salt Usage

Living with soft water in your home has many benefits and it often saves homeowners money in the long run.  Whether it’s at the time of installation or after many years living with soft water, customers ask how much salt they should expect to use on a monthly basis?  There are many variables in salt usage such as th hardness of the water, family size, and type of unit. Keep in mind, every water softener is set differently and vary with usage.  

  1. Total Compensated Hardness – when setting a water softener properly, hardness and iron must be known.  The iron must be converted to hardness to give a total compensated hardness. For every part per million (ppm) of iron, there are 3 grains per gallon (gpg) of hardness.  For example, if your home has 25 gpg of hardness and 2 ppm of iron, your compensated hardness is 31 gpg. The water softener should be set at 31 gpg, not 25 gpg, to handle the iron in the water.
  2. Family Size – the more people in the home using water the more often your water softener will need to regenerate. The amount of people living in the home will also factor into the size of the water softener installed.  It is good to know, the average person will use between 65-100 gallons of water per person per day.
  3. Tank Size – the size of the water softening tanks is dependent on the amount of water being used, the level of total compensated hardness, and peak flow rates in the home.  We use peak flow rates because homes today have showers with multiple heads or other water using appliances that require higher flow rates.

In order to properly calculate salt usage for a Kinetico water softener sold by Huemann Water (*), a homeowner must locate the disc number on the unit.  It is located on the clear, plastic piece on top of the water softener. It will have a number on it. In the formula listed below, the disc number needs to be divided into 1200. Use the formula to estimate your salt usage.  If you have questions, contact us or call (815) 385-3093.

Number of People in Home x Gallons of Water / Person / Day  = “A”

1200 / Disc # on top of Kinetico Unit / “A” = “B”

30 Days in a Month / “B” = “C”

“C” x Salt Setting (4.4 lbs.) = “D”

“D” will give you the estimated salt usage for your home.

A typical home will use approximately one bag of salt per month.  If you have a higher than normal total compensated hardness, a large number of people living in the home, or a larger sized water softener, then you’ll go through more salt on a monthly average.  Finding the amount of salt your home will go through will help you keep better track of how often you’ll need to fill your salt tank.

(*) This formula is a basic formula intended to give the homeowner a basic idea on salt usage.  For specific salt usage, contact your local water treatment dealer who installed your equipment.

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