An Essential Appliance…A Water Softener

Many times a water softener is overlooked as an essential appliance in the home.  Think not.  A water softener should be rank high.  Why?  A water softener allows other appliances throughout the home to last longer by removing hardness and iron from the water.  This benefit alone should make a homeowner want to have a water softener in their home.

The first step to having a water softener installed in your home starts with a home water test. It is essential to have a home water test to determine what type and size of water softener is needed.  A Huemann Water team member can perform a home water test and plumbing audit and give the customer a fair price to install a water softener.

Woman Soaping Up Hands in Bathroom Sink LR

There are many types and brands of water softeners being sold today.  The different types of water softeners being sold today are timer-controlled, magnetic, and demand-initiated water softeners.  A timer-controlled water softener will make soft water based on a set schedule whether soft water is needed or not.  A magnetic water treatment device only reduces the effects of hard water and does not remove hardness or iron from the water.

It is best to have a demand-initiated water softener such as a Kinetico.  A Kinetico water softener makes soft water on demand.  It is highly efficient in terms of water (35 gallons per regeneration) and salt usage (4.4lbs per regeneration).   A Kinetico water softener has twin tanks to allow the homeowner soft water 24 hours per day, everyday.  All working parts in the Kinetico water softener are used by soft water.  This prevents hardness and iron buildup to increase the moving parts effectiveness.  A Kinetico water softener will automatically adjust for guests staying at your home.  The benefits of owning a Kinetico water softener outperform any other water softener being sold today.

Kinetico Water Softener

When deciding to have a water softener installed in your home, make the correct decision based on the efficiency of the unit.  Make the decision that will provide your home with consistent soft water and provide the best value for your family.  Make it a Kinetico water softener.