In business, it’s crucial to have continuous soft water for different reasons.  Often times, filling the salt tank gets overlooked; leaving your business with hard water. It’s time to eliminate hard water from your company.

We deliver 40lb bags of pellet grade (and with rust remover) or solar salt within a 20 mile radius of our office located in Johnsburg, IL.  We offer the cleanest salt available, 99.8% clean.  By using this salt, it eliminates periodic salt tank cleanings from debris with other types of salt (block salt and rock salt).  Learn about the different types of salt.

Send an inquiry to our Salt Department about our delivery programs and pricing.



Commercial Salt Delivery Options

Home water softener salt delivery - Fill-n-stackFill -N- Stack Delivery

The Fill -N- Stack delivery takes the hard work out of owning a water softener. We will fill your salt tank to your personal specifications whether you order the minimum of 4 bags or our commercial discount starting at 15 bags or more.  We will carry all salt ordered to the water softener, fill up the salt tank, leave the extra salt where you would like and take the empty bags with us.  Extra salt on hand is to be put into the salt tank by the customer.


Commercial Forklift Delivery

For businesses that order in large quantities, we will bring the salt to your business and your employee will use the business forklift to take off the salt from our flat bed trucks.  It is then the businesses responsibility to place the salt where needed.  A minimum delivery for forklift pricing is one pallet (63 bags).