Salt Delivered to Your Home.  Simple.

The daunting task of owning a water softener is continually filling the salt tank.  It seems endless.  We will eliminate the hard work of owning a water softener.  Choose from our Fill -N- Stack Delivery or our Door Step Delivery.

Our staff will deliver 40lb bags of pellet, solar or rust bust salt to your home within a 20 mile radius of our office location in Johnsburg, Illinois.  Our salt is all 99.8% clean meaning you’ll eliminates periodic salt tank cleanings from debris oftentimes found with other types of salt.

Salt Delivery Options

Fill N Stack Delivery

The Fill -N- Stack delivery takes the hard work out of owning a water softener. We will carry all salt to the water softener, fill up the salt tank, leave any extra salt where you would like and take the empty bags with us.  Any extra salt on hand needs to be put into the salt tank by the customer.

Doorstep/Garage Door Delivery

The Door Step Delivery offers convenience. We work from 8:00am – 4:30pm and so do you.  This option will save you time and effort of having to go to the store and lugging home salt for your water softener.  We will leave the salt at your front door or garage door for a discounted price.

Types of Water Softener Salt

Our 40 lb. Pellet Grade Salt is the cleanest salt you can buy.  It will keep your softener operating smoothly and provide soft water throughout your home.

Our 40 lb. Extra Coarse Solar Salt has no additives, so it’s natural salt. Evaporated from the sun, it’s small size is ideal for salt tanks that do not have a platform.

Our 40 lb. rust bust salt helps remove iron before it enters your home.  It works to fight any level of iron and to keep your water softener working at a high efficiency.