Salt Sale Saturday

Salt Sale Saturday

The 1st Saturday of the month we load cars with 40lb bags of water softener salt.

August 5, 2017 - 7:00am - 2:00pm - Payment = Cash or Check

40 lb. Pellet Grade Salt

$4.88 per bag plus tax

40 lb. Solar Salt

$4.88 per bag plus tax

40 lb. Pellet Grade w/Rust Bust

$5.81 per bag plus tax

Use your phone to redeem our Money Saving Coupon

Money Saving Coupon

A good deal got better with our Money Saving Coupon.  Buy 10 Bags, Get 1 Free.  We do limit one coupon per customer per visit.

Salt Sale Price List

Find your exact cost for salt.  We appreciate customer’s who have their money ready.  We accept cash/check for payment.

Salt Sale Email Reminder

Let us send you a reminder email about Salt Sale Saturday.  Each month, we give away free salt monthly to a random subscriber.

Directions to Salt Sale

We’re located in downtown Johnsburg near Chapel Hill Road and Johnsburg Road.  Follow the signs once you pull in.