Salt Sale Saturday


Salt Sale Saturday is a Drive-Thru.  It’s That Easy!

The first Saturday of the month, we are loading customer’s cars with 40lb bags of water softener salt for $5.25 per bag (tax included).  Cash or check are accepted for payment.  We also offer sediment filters, reverse osmosis drinking water filters, iron out, hydrogen peroxide and other products.

Print out Money Saving Coupon

We offer our customers the chance to save money every Salt Sale Saturday.  A customer who purchases 10 bags, will get the 11th bag free.  We ask customers using the coupon to print the coupon and turn in with payment.  The coupon must be printed and turned in with payment.  Click to use our Money Saving Coupon.

Salt Sale Saturday Monthly Email Reminder

Every month we send a friendly reminder to our customers about Salt Sale Saturday.  Be assured, it is the only email we will send you throughout the month.

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Directions to Salt Sale Saturday

Our office location is 3607 Chapel Hill Road in Johnsburg.  We are located downtown Johnsburg near the intersection of Chapel Hill Road and Johnsburg Road.