Water is important in every facet of life.  Every home faces water issues from hard water to smelly water.  Many of these issues, we are unsure how to remedy.  Our podcast, All About Your Water, discusses topics related to your home’s water issues.

Lead in Water

Podcast 4 – There’s a heightened concern about lead in water with the water crisis in Flint, Michigan and other parts throughout the United States.  Even though lead is a naturally occurring element, it has risks especially with small children.

Hard Water

Podcast 3 – If you’re on a private well or use city water, hard water exists in your home without a water softener.  Hard water will leave white deposits on your faucets,your dishes will seem spotty and unclean, and your skin will feel dry?

Smelly Water

Podcast 2 – Your home’s water is clear, tasteless and colorless, but it has a rancid smell.  It smells like rotten eggs.  Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, corrosive gas which has characteristics of rotten egg odors.

Iron in Water

Podcast 1 – Everything in your home turns orange.  Iron in your home’s water cause problems with the toilet, shower, tub, water using appliances, clothes and quite possibly your hair. It is even tough to clean.