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The K5 Drinking Water Station

» QuickFlo® technology
» MACguard Filter and PureMometer® filter life indicator
» K5 is smartly designed to be convenient and economical

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Restaurant and Commercial Applications

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Your Home’s Water

You may have heard about various cities throughout the United States and how they are experiencing unpleasant water.  Can you imagine anything worse?  We all need an abundant supply of high quality, great tasting water for drinking, cooking and other household uses.  There is a simple solution that will create clean soft water for your home and worry free, crystal clear drinking water at your kitchen faucet.

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Water Softener Salt Options

There is a lot of work involved in going to pick up salt for your water softener.  Huemann Water Conditoning makes owning a water softener easy with home delivery service.  Choose between our Doorstep delivery or our Fill-N-Stack delivery.  With our Doorstep delivery, your salt is left at your front door for a discounted price.  For a little more, the salt will be carried to the water softener and filled up with our Fill-N-Stack delivery.

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Soft Water, All Day, Everyday

Your home deserves clean, soft water all day, every day with a Kinetico water softener.  Allow your clothes to stay bright and white.  Stop spending time cleaning your fixtures from iron buildup.  Let your hair and skin shine.  All from clean, soft water from a Kinetico water softener.

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What’s in My Water?

Do you know what is in your water?  It’s time you had it tested.  With all the news about unsafe water, it’s to your benefit to take the time to know what you are using in your home everyday.  Use our free water analysis to know what is in your home’s water.


Crystal Clear Drinking Water

Imagine crystal clear, worry free drinking water at your kitchen sink.  The press of a lever will let you fill your bottle of water for your busy day, clean fruit and vegetables for a snack, or boil water for pasta for dinner.  It’s time your family enjoys high quality water.

Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Become one step closer to better water in your home.

Brilliantly engineered to be simply the most efficient and effective water softeners, drinking water systems and water filters in the world.