Salt Sale Saturday

The 1st Saturday of the month we load cars with 40lb bags of water softener salt.

October 1, 2016 - 7:00am - 2:00pm - Payment = Cash or Check

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Directions to Salt Sale

40 lb. Pellet Grade Salt

$4.88 per bag plus tax

40 lb. Solar Salt

$4.88 per bag plus tax

40 lb. Pellet Grade w/Rust Bust

$5.81 per bag plus tax

Our Sales Process

Our non-commissioned sales personnel will meet with you, the customer, at your home to test your water, audit the plumbing, and explain the necessary solutions to better your water. Our staff is happy to provide this free of charge. We have certified water specialist and certified installers through the Water Quality Association. Our objective is to sell you something you need. We even go as far as trying to fix your current water softener whether it is from our company or a competitor.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with a Quick Quote or a Free Water Analysis

Water Softener Salt Options

There is a lot of work involved in going to pick up salt for your water softener.  Huemann Water Conditoning makes owning a water softener easy with home delivery service.  Choose between our Doorstep delivery or our Fill-N-Stack delivery.  With our Doorstep delivery, your salt is left at your front door for a discounted price.  For a little more, the salt will be carried to the water softener and filled up with our Fill-N-Stack delivery.

Choose the service you want … Doorstep or Fill-N-StackOrder Online … It’s that easy.


Our service tech, Steve, was recently at the home of Lynette and Francisco to repair their Kinetico water softener. They called us to have us service their Kinetico water softener…

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k5-drinking-water-stationWatch a video about the Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station.

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